Prints - Entomology

One of the best measures of how well a habitat is holding up is the health of its insect population. These ubiquitous little creatures pollinate the plants each year as well as play a vital role in aerating the soil. Not only are they critical in allowing the plant life most animals eat to thrive but they also provide the main source of protein for birds, reptiles, and rodents. Next time you eat a free-range egg remember that it's mostly made from insects!

Unfortunately the world's insect populations are in steep decline due to the use of pesticides and habitat disruption. The earth has lost one third of its insects in the last decade and we are on track for further losses. For this reason we are donating 10% of the profits generated from the sale of my insect prints to Insektenfördernde Regionen: Damit es weiter brummt im Land, a project supporting insect conservation across Germany.