Prints - Family

Accompanying my biologist dad in the forests of East Africa and South America there seemed to be only one group of animals he wasn't interested in ...the monkeys. No problem - I had it covered.

Primates have alway been my favourite group of animals; and they're not just monkeys. They also include lemurs, lorises, bush-babies, tarsiers, marmosets, tamarins, gibbons, apes, and hominids (yes that's you!) Their highly social and intelligent behaviour makes watching them go about their day not only fascinating but also emotional. Whether you're watching baboon high drama or a lemur crèche, it never fails to be relatable.

This collection focuses on the role of the family in the lives of non-human primates and the ways in which they both mirror and differ from our own. 10% of profits generated from the sale of my primate prints are donated to the Monkey World Ape Rescue Center  in Dorset helping animals in need.