Conservation Work

It is important for me to do what I can to help support wildlife populations. A % of all profits from sales of my art are donated to the following organisations.

Insect Population Protection

20% of the profits generated from the sales of my insect prints are donated to Insektenfördernde Regionen: Damit es weiter brummt im Land, or “Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions: Keeping the country buzzing.” This organization has been working to increase and monitor insect numbers and biodiversity in seven regions across Germany through the promotion of insect-friendly land use practices. For example the creation of fillimented wooden structures in which bugs can live called “insect hotels!”


Monkey World

One third of profits generated from the sales of my primate prints are donated to the Monkey World Ape Rescue Center in Dorset which provides sanctuary for previously captive primates who were mistreated with abuse or neglect. Originally started in 1987 as a home for chimpanzees rescued from the Spanish film industry, the sanctuary now hosts over 250 rescued and endangered primates of various species!


Stiftung Naturlandschaften Brandenburg

20% of the profits generated through the sale of both the 2022 and 2023 Wildlife of Brandenburg calendars are donated to Stiftung Naturlandschaften Brandenburg, or “Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation”, an organization re-wilding four former military camps across Brandenburg. Today they are restoring more than 12,800 hectares of wilderness around Berlin!