My Story

My name is Barnabas Caro.

I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. Through practicing my art I find a place of peace and autonomy that can be rare in the world of today.

Having attended a Rudolf Steiner Waldorf school, I have been steeped in watercolour since childhood. I have experimented with many mediums but been unable to fall out of love with the thrill of mixing paint and water. Giving the pigments enough water for them to take on a mind of their own is exhilarating.

Like a river they choose their own direction, like the sea, they cannot be reasoned with, and like a storm they will never cease to surprise you. (Usually for the best!)

While watercolours inherently lend themselves to subjects composed of water (seas, skies, forests, etc), I try to bring them to the dryer places as well.